List of recalled products

All unexpired lots of the following compounded products are subject to the recall:

Human Products

Acetylcysteine, 5%
Acetylcysteine, 10%
Acetylcysteine, 20%
Aluminum Potassium Sulfate
Aminophylline PF, 25mg/ml
Bevacizumab, 0.06ml (repackaged)
Bevacizumab, 0.11ml (repackaged)
Bi-Mix, 15mg/0.5mg
Biotin IM, 1mg/ml
Calcium Chloride PF, 500mg/ml
Ceftazidime, 22.5mg/ml (ophthalmic)
Clorpactin, 0.1%
Combo Eye Gel
Cyanocobalamin, 1000mcg/ml
Cyclopentolate HCL, 2% (ophthalmic)
Dexamethasone NaPO4 ionto-pf, 4mg/ml
Dextrose Vial, 50%
DMSO/Glutath, 3.75%/1.75% (ophthalmic)
Edetate Disodium (0.05m), 1.7%
Epinephrine (PF/SF), 0.5ml in 3ml
Epinephrine PF SF (0.3ml), 1:1000
Epinephrine PF SF (1ml), 1:1000
Fentanyl PF, 50mcg/ml
Fluconazole/Gentamicin, 200mg/480mg/1L
Fluorouracil PF, 50mg/ml
Gatifloxacin, 0.2ml 0.5% (ophthalmic) (repackaged)
Glutathione PF, 60mg/ml inhalation
Glycerin-Chromated (w/v), 72%
Hyaluronidase, pf 100U/ml
Hyaluronidase, pf 150U/ml
Hydroxocobalamin, 10,000mcg/ml
Hydroxocobalamin/thiamine, 1mg/100mg/ml
Lidocaine/Sodium Chloride, 0.4%/18%
Magnesium Sulfate, 1gm/50ml
Magnesium Sulfate, 2gm/50ml
Methocarbamol, 100mg/ml (repackaged)
Methylcobalamin, 1000mcg/ml
Methylcobalamin, 10mg/ml
Methylcobalamin, 25mg/ml
Methylcobalamin, 5000mcg/ml
Methylcobalamin, PF 25mg/ml
Multitrace-4 Pediatric Injection
Naloxone HCL, 0.4mg/ml
Naltrexone MCV, 1mg/ml
Neomycin, 333mg/ml
Papav/Phentol/PG E1, 30mg/1mg/20mcg/ml
Papaverine HCL, (10ml) 30mg/ml
Papaverine HCL, (2ml) 30mg/ml
Papaverine HCL, 30mg/ml
Phenol, 6%
Phenylephrine/Tropicamide, 2.5%/1% (ophthalmic)
Polidocanol, 1%
Polidocanol, 3%
Potassium Phosphate, 4.4meq/3mmol/ml
Proparacaine HCL PF, 0.5% (ophthalmic)
Quad Mix, 0.05mg/25mg/2mg/25mcg/ml
Quad Mix, 0.1mg/30mg/2mg/20mcg/ml
Quad Mix, 0.1mg/30mg/2mg/50mcg/ml
Quad Mix, 0.1mg/9mg/1mg/10mcg/ml
Quad Mix, in NaCl (1.8/0.2/0.02)mg/18mcg/ml
Sodium Chloride, 0.9% (repackaged)
Sodium Chloride, PF 14.6%
Sodium Phosphate, PF 3mmol/ml
Sodium tetradecyl SO4, 3%
Sodium Thiosulfate PF, 10%
Super Quad Mix, 0.1mg/30mg/2mg/20mcg/ml
Testos Cypionate in Oil, 100mg/ml
Testos Cypionate in Oil, 200mg/ml
Testos Cypionate in Olive Oil, 200mg/ml
Tranexamic Acid, 2gm/100ml
Tranexamic Acid, 2gm/75ml
Triple Mix, 15mg/0.5mg/10mcg/ml
Triple Mix, 15mg/1mg/20mcg/ml
Triple Mix, 30mg/1mg/10mcg/ml
Triple Mix, 30mg/1mg/20mcg/ml
Triple Mix, 30mg/1mg/40mcg/ml
Tropicamide, 1%
Vancomycin HCL, 10mg/ml (ophthalmic)
Vigamox in BSS (0.15%), 0.75mg/0.5ml

Veterinary Products

Amikacin Sulfate, 250mg/ml
Buprenorphine HCL, 0.3mg/ml
Buprenorphine HCL, 0.6mg/ml
Ceftazidime in pluronic 250mg/ml gel
Cyclosporin A Oint, 0.2% (ophthalmic)
Cyclosporin MCT, 0.2% (ophthalmic)
Cyclosporin MCT, 1% (ophthalmic)
Desmopressin Acetate (0.01%), 0.1mg/ml
Desmopressin Acetate (0.0125%), 0.125mg/ml
Desmopressin Acetate (0.02%), 0.2mg/ml
Diclofenac Sodium Oint, 0.1% (ophthalmic)
Idoxuridine Ophthalmic, 0.1%
Phenobarbital Sodium, 65mg/ml
Prednisone, 10mg/ml
Tacrolimus, 0.02% (ophthalmic drops)
Tacrolimus, 0.03% (ophthalmic drops)
Tacrolimus Ointment, 0.03% (ophthalmic)
Ticarcillin in Pluronic, 250mg/ml gel
Xylazine 100mg/ml