Local 4 camera captures crash on I-94 in Detroit

Video shows car slamming into stopped traffic in eastbound lanes near Woodward Avenue

DETROIT - A Local 4 camera was rolling Wednesday morning on I-94 in Detroit when a car slammed into stopped traffic in the eastbound lanes near Woodward Avenue.

An MDOT courtesy van with flashing lights was in the far left lane helping a disabled vehicle.

The video shows four cars were stopped behind it, waiting to change lanes, when a Ford Taurus crashed into them.

--The Taurus that caused the crash

Debris explodes into the air and one of the cars, a Lincoln sedan, was propelled across the lanes onto the other side of the interstate.

Jeff Rader, 59, was inside that Lincoln.

The Grosse Pointe Farms man spent some time in the hospital Wednesday as a precaution, but has since gone home. He spoke with Local 4 by phone.

"I was going to try to get over and looked at my passenger mirror to see if it was clear and then I looked in my rearview mirror and saw that other car coming," Rader said. "There really wasn't that much I could do."

Rader said he was "tossed all over the place" after the initial impact. He was wearing a seat belt.

"My neck is a little sore, my back. But other than that, I'm fine," he said.

Rader said it was his son who pointed out video of the crash on ClickOnDetroit.com to him.

"I watched it a couple of times," he said.

--Jeff Rader

VIDEO: Victim in I-94 crash talks about impact

The Taurus driver was ticketed and no other serious injuries were reported.

At the same time, in the far right lanes of I-94 , there was a separate crash involving three other cars.

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