Local 4 Defenders confront tree trimming business on empty lot in Detroit

Business run out of Detroit lot does not belong to business owner

DETROIT - Residents of Mackay Street on Detroit's east side asked the Local 4 Defenders to look into a business being run out of an empty lot.

The Defenders found Gary's Tree Trimming Service being run on the lot in the middle of the neighborhood, complete with trucks, a wood chopper and piles of wood and mulch.

WATCH: On Friday, there was action from the city of Detroit

Avais Dawson lives on Mackay Street and said she doesn't like it.

"This is an actual community, so why  would you park three big monstrous trucks on the grass," Dawson asked.

The Defenders went to Gary's house and told him neighbors said his business made  the lot an eyesore.

"Well, it was an eyesore before I moved in. It was full of trees and garbage and everything back there and I cleaned it all up," Gary said.

Neighbors said they are worried about rats being attracted to the wood and mulch.

The  Defenders questioned Gary about running a business on a lot he did not own.

"My trucks are going to stay there until somebody says I can't put them there, so I'll put them there.  I cleaned the lot up, you known, and I'm going to use it," Gary said.

Gary declined to talk further, saying he made his point.

The Defenders plan to take the video they recorded and show it to city officials. The Defenders will report on whatever action the city takes.

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