Local 4 Defenders help catch Detroit scrappers in act

Old Detroit school building target of scrappers

By Hank Winchester - Reporter

DETROIT - It didn't have to happen. It could have been saved. It should be protected.

Those are some of the thoughts from proud Detroiters who live near what was most recently the temporary Finney High School on Detroit's east side.

The building was built in 1928 and was at one time breathtaking. A real gem. It's been empty for less than a year and scrappers have destroyed it.

They have ripped this building to pieces all to make some quick cash. The scrappers are the bad guys but they are not the only ones to blame.

Why didn't DPS do something? Secure this building? All they did was slap a for sale sign outside. Who would buy this dump now? It's now a tear down at best.

I couldn't believe how bold and brazen these guys were as they tore the building up. They were out there in the middle of the day attacking the building like their life depended on it. Yes, I know they get cash for the parts, which is why the scrap yards also need to be held responsible.

DPD responded quickly that day, but DPS has done nothing to help resolve this problem. If you think action needs to be taken call DPS let them know what you think of this story. And, if you spot scrappers do your part to bust them. Call police and if you can write down any description. This won't solve all the problems with abandon buildings in Detroit but hopefully it will help bust some of the guys cashing in on Detroit's decline.

DPS issued a statement saying:

"Detroit Public Schools Police have responded on 30 occasions to calls regarding illegal activity at this location. Fourteen arrests have been made at this property since October 2012.

DPS has a responsibility to be good stewards within the community. This is not characteristic of the manner in which DPS has maintained its recently closed properties, and we too are concerned about what thieves have done to destroy the value of this building and add blight to the community. It will also be reviewed what additional measures can be taken to ensure that this is not repeated elsewhere across the city."

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