Local 4 helps Detroit home buyers with water problem

Couple couldn't get water turned on at Green Acres home, preventing inspection

By Rod Meloni - Reporter, CFP ®

DETROIT - Sherina Sharpe and Antonio Rosario grew up in Detroit.

They live in a Midtown loft which was just sold out from underneath them. Now they want to buy a house in Detroit's Green Acres neighborhood, near 8 Mile Road and Woodward Avenue, so Sharpe can run two pro-Detroit non profits.

"The city has such potential of being such a great city again and I want to be part of the rebuilding of it," said Rosario.

"I want to live in Detroit and I want to run these two businesses out of Detroit more than anything because we're here to uplift Detroit, gut we're having some trouble trying to stay in the city," said Sharpe.

In December, the couple made a down payment and started the process which has a 45-day time limit placed on the transaction by Fannie Mae. That time limit has been extended twice because of a simple problem which could have been quickly solved. The water was not turned on at the home, preventing a home inspection.

"It's stressful, it's tiring, it's nerve-racking every day that you gotta call someone to figure out what's going on and then you get the runaround every day," said Rosario.

So they contacted Local 4 and we found a crew had been out and could not get the water going after digging up the front lawn. However, after Local 4 called there was good news. They city sent a crew to fix the problem on Monday.

The water department turned the water on, but it's only a temporary fix. It turns out there is a lien on the house from the prior owner having a $200 water bill.

The water will stay on long enough for an inspection to be done but will be turned off so the lien can get taken care of. Then, the couple can close on the house.

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