Local 4 interviews tipster who led police to Detroit courthouse escapee

Tipster comes face-to-face with Abraham Pearson, gives police his location

DETROIT - The man's whose 911 call led police to capture a suspect who was on the run after allegedly stabbing a Wayne County Sheriff's deputy in the neck has told Local 4 how it all went down.

The tipster, whose identity is being concealed for his own safety, told Local 4's Shawn Ley that he was coming out a liquor store at Van Dyke and Harper Monday night when another man came right up to him.

"He said, ‘Hey, I'm the guy who got away earlier. Do you know how to get to the West side?'"

The tipster said he had seen the reports of the escapee, Abraham Pearson, on the news and knew he was now face to face with him.

"I tried to keep calm to keep him calm," the tipster said. "I sent him one route to go, that way it would give me enough time to call."

Remembering the route he had told Pearson -- to go along Harper -- the tipster said he relayed the same one to police.

Listen: Uncut 911 call on Detroit escapee

"He's walking up Harper, he told me who he was," the tipster is heard saying on his 911 call. I'm just telling you, I just seen him. He kind of scared me but he seen me walking out the store and he's like, ‘I'm the guy that got away earlier.'"

The tipster said he felt compelled to turn Pearson in because he wanted to keep his neighborhood safe.

"I wanted to get him off the street so he didn't hurt nobody else," the tipster said.

Pearson was arrested minutes later, thanks to the location and description given by the tipster.

Pearson, who also goes by Derreck White, was the subject of a massive manhunt across Detroit on Monday after he allegedly used a shank to stab 63-year-old Deputy Harrison Tolliver in the neck while he was being transported at the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice.

Pearson was supposed to be sentenced for robbery and carjacking charges. Instead, he allegedly attacked Tolliver, stole the deputy's clothes and then carjacked a minivan from a woman outside the court to make a getaway.

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