4 things to watch on Local 4 News Today -- Friday, June 21st

By Matt Morawski - Executive Producer, Jason Carr - Digital Anchor/Live in the D host

From the desk of Jason Carr: A year ago in June 2018, I direct-messaged Whataburger on Twitter shaming them for not being in Michigan. They wrote back and said “Hi, Jason—no plans for Michigan yet but we can pass along the suggestion.” So earlier this week, I thought I’d try again, almost on the exact anniversary of my first DM. And this time…

“Now that we are partnered with BDT it might be an option for us now! Thank you so much for being a fan!”

So in case you missed it, BDT is a Chicago-based firm that specializes in bankrolling family-owned businesses that want to expand but don’t want to change their quality or culture. In this case, Whataburger gets to expand beyond Texas and the other nine states they’re in because they are suddenly flush with BDT’s cash. The news came out last Friday and the entire state of Texas freaked out because Whataburger is like their holy place. It’s so good and so beloved only Chick-Fil-A has higher sales per store. Think about that.

And speaking of holy, I can testify that eating a Whataburger is close to a religious experience. Shake Shack is good, In-and-Out is nice, but Whataburger is everything. Right now, the closest location to us is Fayetteville, AR. But I can promise you if the chain comes to Chicago before Detroit, I will be road tripping to the Windy City for the grand opening.

Here's what's coming up Friday, June 21st, 2019 on Local 4 News Today.

All Morning -- Weather & Traffic

Brandon Roux: Friday is a beautiful dry day and the first day of Summer. The Summer Solstice hits just before noon and Mother Nature is bringing it, with summer sunshine all day and highs 75-80 degrees and lighter winds WNW 5-12 mph. And, looking ahead into the first weekend of summer -- it looks mostly dry. 

  • You can get the full forecast here.

Also, Kim DeGiulio will have up update on weekend construction projects and traffic across town.

6:10 a.m. -- Fitness Friday: Rock Climbing

Tired of your exercise routine, we've got something fun for you to try -- rock climbing! Our Kim DeGiulio visited Planet Rock in Ann Arbor to give it a go. Friday, she'll focus on the proper technique. 

6:40 a.m. -- Your Neighborhood

Evrod Cassimy will take you inside a local organization that is helping students find their passion for writing. They're encouraging school-aged kids to get creative and express themselves with pen and paper.

6:45 a.m. -- Ice Cube LIVE!

Rap icon and movie star Ice Cube will join Jason Carr Friday for some fun on the basketball court. He's in town for his Big 3 tournament that's happening this weekend at Little Caesar's Arena. During our interview, we're putting his skills to the test. If he misses a shot, he HAS to answer our question. If he makes it, he gets to skip the question. See if Ice Cube's game will save him or force him to fess up! 



Today's Trivia Retake 

Every morning at 6 a.m., we ask you a trivia question on Local 4 for a chance to win a prize.

  • Thursday Question: What time does summer start on Friday?
  • Answer: 11:54 a.m.
  • Be sure to watch daily at 6 a.m. and click this link to enter for a chance to win.

Today's Quiz 

National Days: June 21st

  • National Peaches 'N' Cream Day
  • National Day of the Gong
  • Go Skateboarding Day
  • National Daylight Appreciation Day
  • National Selfie Day
  • National Arizona Day
  • National Take Back the Lunch Break Day
  • National Seashell Day - First Day of Summer
  • Summer Begins - Longest Day of the Year
  • Take Your Dog to Work Day

A Look Back at History: June 21st

  • In 1377, King Edward III died after ruling England for 50 years; he was succeeded by his grandson, Richard II.
  • In 1948, the Republican national convention opened in Philadelphia. (The delegates ended up choosing Thomas E. Dewey to be their presidential nominee.)
  • In 1963, Cardinal Giovanni Battista Montini was chosen during a conclave of his fellow cardinals to succeed the late Pope John XXIII; the new pope took the name Paul VI.
  • In 1982, a jury in Washington, D.C. found John Hinckley Jr. not guilty by reason of insanity in the shootings of President Ronald Reagan and three other men.
  • In 1988, “Who Framed Roger Rabbit,” a comedy fantasy starring Bob Hoskins that combined live action and legendary animated cartoon characters, premiered in New York.
  • In 1989, a sharply divided Supreme Court ruled that burning the American flag as a form of political protest was protected by the First Amendment.
  • In 2008: The ferry Princess of the Stars, carrying more than 800 people, capsized as Typhoon Fengshen battered the Philippines; only some four dozen people survived. 
  • In 2017: A man armed with a knife wounded a police officer at Flint International Airport in Michigan

Celebrity Birthdays: June 21st

Celebrating a birthday Friday? Submit a Sunshine Award here and we could say your name on Local 4 News Today during our 5 a.m. show.

Here's who you're sharing a birthday with -- 

  • Actor Bernie Kopell (”The Love Boat”) is 86. 
  • Actor Monte Markham is 84. 
  • Actress Mariette Hartley is 79. 
  • Comedian Joe Flaherty (”SCTV”) is 78. 
  • Musician Ray Davies of The Kinks is 75. 
  • Actress Meredith Baxter (”Family Ties”) is 72. 
  • Actor Michael Gross (”Family Ties”) is 72. 
  • Actor Josh Pais (“Ray Donovan”) is 61. 
  • Country singer Kathy Mattea is 60. 
  • Actor Marc Copage (”Julia”) is 57. 
  • Actor Doug Savant (”Desperate Housewives,” `’Melrose Place”) is 55. 
  • Actor Michael Dolan (“Hamburger Hill,” “Biloxi Blues”) is 54. 
  • Filmmaker Lana Wachowski (formerly Larry Wachowski) (“The Matrix,” “Speed Racer”) is 54. 
  • Actress Carrie Preston (”The Good Wife”) is 52. 
  • Country singer Allison Moorer is 47. 
  • Actress Juliette Lewis is 46. 
  • Actress Maggie Siff (”Mad Men”) is 45. 
  • Actor Chris Pratt (”Jurassic World,” `’Guardians of the Galaxy”) is 40. 
  • Singer Brandon Flowers of The Killers is 38. 
  • Actor Jussie Smollett (”Empire”) is 37. 
  • Singer Lana Del Rey is 34. 
  • Actor Jascha Washington (“Big Momma’s House” films) is 30. 

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