Local 4 uncovers more about suspect charged in Cipriano family attack

Mitchell Young worked as waiter, lived in motel before being charged with murder

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. - Mitchell Young was living on the fly with a small group of friends in and out of motel rooms and working as a waiter before being charged in the attack on a Farmington Hills family and breaking down in court.

The 20-year-old stayed at the Park Motel twice in March, before the manager kicked him out. 

Cindy Franklin the motel manager says she also smelled marijuana after they were out of the room the second time.

"Mitchell appeared very distraught and told me again he was homeless, he was working, he was trying just to survive out here," Franklin said.

Young and 19-year-old Tucker Cipriano are both charged in the murder of Cipriano's dad, Bob Cipriano, and baseball bat attacks on Tucker's mother Rose and younger brother Sal. The two remain in critical condition.

Police and a friend say the motive of the attack was not murder, but to steal anything of value.

Tucker was a drifter for months after being kicked out of the house and wanted to run away.

Young worked at New Cedar Restaurant as a waiter for three months. But the manager there says in the last week things changed drastically.

"He had to be here on time or he'll lose his job. He worked last Saturday and that was it. I haven't seen him since," the manager said.

The court has appointed defense attorneys Mitch Ribitwer and Mike McCarthy.

A pre-exam conference is set for Friday morning in district court in Farmington Hills.

If convicted, both young men face life in prison.

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