Local 4's best back-to-school memories

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DETROIT - Rhonda Walker

My high school years are my very best memories growing up.  I was very active at school on student council, year book, newspaper and I loved being a cheerleader.  When school started it was football season and cheerleading practices where in full swing.   I looked forward to cheering at the games, showing off my gymnastics skills out on the floor and even loved cheerleading practices.  I also enjoyed choreographing cheers and halftime routines with my teammates.

--Rhonda Walker is on the top left

I also loved school itself, I've always been an early riser anxious to start the day I would wake up 2.5  hours before school started and would be fully dressed and reading or going over school work before the rest of my family woke up.   I also arrived at school very early and would often take a seat in front of my locker ready to gather with my friends before homeroom our first stop of the day before first hour.

Here's wishing all the kids and parents and great school year!

Evrod Cassimy

My favorite back to school memory was picture day! It was always fun to see everyone get dressed up, take pictures, and trade signed pictures with your friends.

We'd always laugh at how everyone else's turned out. My parents always made sure I was dressed up with a shirt and tie! Picture included but it'll need to be cropped. (If you laugh, I know where you work….)

Ashlee Baracy

When I think back to my years in school the first memories that come to mind are from college. Simply put… I loved college. Back to school meant football season and nothing was better than spending a Saturday in the Big House. I remember waking up to my housemates playing the Michigan Fight Song. They would run room to room waking up the entire house. My dance team uniform would be hanging on my closet door.

The smell of cool, crisp, fall air takes me back to those days every year. The best part of Football Saturdays was standing in the tunnel before kickoff with the team, band and fellow dancers where we would sing "Eye of the Tiger" before the band took the field. I faithfully got butterflies every game listening to the band playing the fight song. That was my cue to run onto the field in a stadium packed with over 100,000 fans. You couldn't wipe the smile off my face. The best memory – dancing on the sidelines when Michigan beat Michigan State in triple overtime.

Karen Drew

Here are a few of my back-to-school memories;

Cutting my own hair for my kindergarden photo.

Recess – Chasing all the boys – I was a super fast runner !   Once I caught them though I didn't know what to do, so I would scream and run away myself!

Social Studies – Loved that class and actually loved doing speeches in front of the class.   I remember I had a report to do on New York City and handed out apples to everyone in class – I got an APlus for that – thanks Mr. Ford !  ( OH , that reminds me I had a big time crush on Mr. Ford from Algonquin Middle School in Illinois – and so did all my friends!

First Dance in 8th Grade – I went with Dave Klink and was so nervous !!!!