Local charity worker asks for public's help

Dave Coleman's charity trailer stolen

By Will Jones - Reporter

PONTIAC, Mich. - A Pontiac man who has dedicated his life to giving back, running a warming shelter and feeding the hungry entirely out of his own pocket, is now reaching out to the public after the trailer he uses to pick up donated food was stolen.

Dave Coleman, a retired GM worker, is always on the move in his Chevy Suburban, picking up donated food and other items for the charity he runs out of his rental hall on Perry Street in Pontiac.

The charity, QTMC, short for Quest To Make a Change, primarily helps the homeless. Over nearly two decades, Coleman has accomplished that goal.

"Our Bible commands us to help the poor, the homeless, the needy and thou shall be blessed," Coleman said.

Coleman noticed the 16-foot trailer wasn't in the parking lot Wednesday night

"It made me angry, but at the same time, my Christian background lets me know I should pray for this person," said Coleman, who supports his charity using his retirement.

He says he can't do the work he was called to do without his trailer, and hopes the person who stole it will return it.

"Everyone knows who we are, so whoever took this trailer -- I feel like it is someone who doesn't know what we do," Coleman said. "Anybody who has a heart that knows what we do wouldn't have done this."

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