Local girl gives back to community that came through for her

By Shawn Ley - Reporter

TAYLOR, Mich. - Peyton Williams turns two on Sunday. She is an effervescent ball of energy, and before her family can say happy birthday to her, she and her family are saying thank you to hundreds of others.

An entire community that has wrapped its arms around Peyton is being recognized by the little girl and her family.

"Happy to do this for her, she's a great girl," said Paul Swift, who was donating blood.

It was the fifth time Swift has donated his time and blood for Peyton. The first four times were to aid in the life-saving effort for the little girl.

Peyton was born with a rare blood disorder. Her parents organized four blood drives to help with her 15 blood transfusions. With the treatments helping, Saturday's drive isn't for Peyton, it's to give back to the Red Cross for its efforts to help blood suppliers over the holidays.

"You donate blood, give life, it's a good way to do it," Swift said.

"It's really super," said Dennis Monday. "It's amazing how people come through."

Peyton is also coming through with the disorder called Diamond-Blackfan anemia. Her parents say the donated blood for her transfusions saved their little girl's life.

"Saying thank you is everything to us," said Peyton's parents, Kyle and Danielle.

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