Parents meet with Detroit public schools superintendent amid proposed changes

DETROIT – Parents of students in the Detroit Public Schools Community District got their first chance to meet with superintendent Nikolai Vitti since he proposed sweeping changes.

The auditorium at Detroit Collegiate Prep wasn’t packed, but those who were there came with questions and solutions for the district.

“There’s a lot of work to be done, even if it’s something as small as writing a letter to the senator and get familiar with the people in Lansing, you can start there,” an alum said.

Following years of emergency management Detroit’s school district is dealing with a $2 billion debt and a lack of funding while trying to avoid school closures and enhance programs.

“We have to have a better understanding of the negative legacy of emergency management, but more importantly how schools are not funded equally and how property tax values creates those discrepancies,” Vitti said.

Parents said that while there’s been progress, revitalizing the district will take more than just opinions.

“It’s going to take parent involvement. See, a lot of times we can complain but if we’re not at the table to discuss things we won’t come together,” a parent said.

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