Family mourns slain man shot after argument at Detroit party store

Online fundraiser created to help pay for funeral expenses

A family is speaking out after a 19-year-old was shot to death on Detroit's east side.
A family is speaking out after a 19-year-old was shot to death on Detroit's east side.

DETROIT – Just before 7 p.m. Friday evening 19-year-old Tymarian Tiller was leaving his family’s east side apartment to walk to a party store on Chene near Jefferson.

Before leaving the apartment Tiller’s mother told him she loved him.

“I say, I love you. He say, I love you too. I say, be safe. He say, I will, mamma,” Tiller’s mother Markeila Parker told Local 4 News.

About 10 minutes later Parker got a call and learned Tiller was shot.

She rushed to Detroit Receiving Hospital to see her son.

“When I got there they said ‘sorry about your loss. Your son is gone,”’ Parker said.

And just like that she lost her son before Christmas.

Original Story: Man chases family outside after argument at Detroit party store, kills 19-year-old

The lives of Parker and her children were turned upside down before the big holiday.

Tiller’s grandmother Cassandra Dace says his siblings cannot stop crying.

“I have to grab my grandson and hold him and let him know I am here,” Dace said.

Tonight Detroit police are asking for the public’s assistance in identify the killer and have released images of him. The images were captured in the party store where Tiller and the gunman exchanged words before the shooting.

Police say the unknown gunman was harassing Tiller and others who refused to buy marijuana from him.

“You did not have to do that you could have walked away and left it alone,” Parker said.

“You took my whole life away I am just so hurt at the point where there is nothing i can do no more and I want justice.”


You can access the online fundraiser by clicking here.

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