US Steel announces plans to idle production at Zug Island facility

Production to move to new facilities

DETROIT – U.S. Steel plans to idle production on Zug Island.

The idling is being referred to by the company as indefinite, rather than a permanent shutdown, but many of the about 1,600 workers who will be affected aren’t certain about their futures.

The company said in an email Thursday that it will move a lot of the work to newer facilities that have better technology, including a plant in Gary, Indiana. This could provide workers a place to relocate to.

“It’s hard enough to deal with it from the situation in-state then going out of state. It’s a tough situation," Charles Huff said.

In a statement. U.S. Steel said its River Rouge iron and steel making facilities will begin idling on or around April 1, 2020.

The workers will not be affected before then, according to the company.

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