Project Roadblock returns to fight drunken driving during the holidays

Holiday season is dangerous time for drivers

DETROIT – Before you head out on the roads this week, remember: It’s a dangerous time to drive. Local 4 is working to help prevent crashes involving impaired drivers.

Many people love to meet up with friends and family members to celebrate the end of the year, but every time you get behind the wheel around the holidays, remember that it’s the most dangerous time to drive.

Over the past 16 years, Local television stations across the country air ads to discourage drunken driving during the holiday season.

The campaign is called Project Roadblock, and it aims to show viewers how simple it can be to get home safely this time of year.

Michigan State Police troopers will increase their patrols this week, looking for drivers under the influence of alcohol or marijuana.

“The effects of weed and alcohol are the same,” Michigan State Police Lt. Mike Shaw said. “It affects your motor skills. You have the same driving behaviors. You still weave in your lane. You go slower than you’re supposed to.”

While the ads appear to help remind people to use a designated driver to get home after partying, alcohol-related crashes are still killing innocent drivers around this time of year.

“There’s nothing law enforcement-wise that we can do to you that is worse than you having to spend the rest of your life knowing that you killed someone as you were driving behind the wheel under the influence,” Shaw said.

Fines for DUIs are also much more expensive than a simple Uber or Lyft ride fee.

“You’re probably looking anywhere between $10,000-$12,000 to get through a drunk driving,” Shaw said. “That’s just a straight up first-time offense, not hurting anybody.”

Project Roadblock ads will air on Local 4 between now and New Year’s Day to encourage viewers to think twice about getting behind the wheel after drinking or smoking marijuana.

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