MDOT is monitoring the roads ahead of this weekend’s severe winter storm

DETROIT – When winter storms hit Michigan it’s important to watch the roads and be prepared for slick conditions.

Crews around Metro Detroit are ready to leap into action to keep traffic flowing as smoothly as possible. Michigan Department of Transportation’s emergency center is the heartbeat of Detroit when it comes to emergency situations. Inside the center crews can see any and everything that’s going on.

“It’s a 24-hour, all eyes, hands on deck, type of facility,” MDOT’s Diane Cross said.

Planning is a huge factor for MDOT, especially when it comes to mother nature. Cross said that’s the case for this weekend.

“We are constantly monitoring the weather all year-round and we’re fully aware that this is a weekend we may get a lot of rain, maybe even some snow in our Metro Detroit area and some flooding. That type of thing,” Cross said.

For everyone in the Metro Detroit area that means all eyes are on the weather.

“We have crews that normally monitor our pump houses anyways. The pump houses are what remove the water from the lower freeways, pull the water up into the sewer system, so the road is driveable,” Cross said.

Flooding is a concern on major highways, which is why MDOT is watching the forecast of heavy rain closely. On Friday teams inspected more than 100 pumphouses just to make sure they’re working properly.

“We have crews that are going to be on hand in case there is a problem,” Cross said.

Cross said no matter how much they work to make sure the roads are safe, they need drivers to do their part as well.

“Drivers have to be prepared as well. If they’re going to go somewhere and they have bad weather, they need to leave early,” Cross said.

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