Crackdown leads to arrest of 15 suspected shoplifters in Oakland County

TROY, Mich. – A team up between state and local police led to the arrest of more than a dozen suspected shoplifters in Oakland County.

“This was stuff, she had in her car stolen, presumably from other stores,” said Sgt. Meghan Lehman with Troy Police.

Shoes, clothes and bed sheets are just some of the items, Lehman said both Michigan State Police and Troy Police recovered during an operation they call “Retail Fraud Blitz."

“They’re a part of a bigger, bigger crime. Organized retail crime,” Lehman said.

Lehman said in just days they arrested 15 people for shoplifting out of stores like Dick’s and Khols and other stores inside the Oakland Mall.

They had shoplifted more than $3,000 worth of goods.

“A male and female out stealing from multiple stores in the Oakland Mall, so they hit like Victoria Secret, Bath and Body Works, several other ones and they had a 7-year old child with them. Unfortunately, that also is not uncommon that we would find people stealing, and they’ll have a child with them. It’s either to throw us off," Lehman said.

Troy police said thieves are stealing more items lately by using garden shears to cut off theft protection devices. Lehman said the city of Troy is often targeted by thieves, simply because of the location.

“We have a lot of stores. We’re lucky to have a lot of retail establishments, a couple of malls, lots of great stores, so just share opportunity. There’s also this idea that criminals want to get in and get out. We’re right on the freeway too," Lehman said.

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