Plan to build luxury townhomes in Brighton sparks fears about contaminated groundwater

Proposed development would be built on old manufacturing site

BRIGHTON – A new plan to build luxury townhomes in Brighton is coming under fire.

The proposed development would be built on an old manufacturing site, sparking concerns about contaminated groundwater.

Dozens of homeowners gathered Tuesday night in Brighton to voice their concerns.

Linbom Elementary is a school that’s been closed since 2010. It was built on a toxic plume site. Now, there are talks of an apartment building being developed.

A little over two dozen people showed up to St. Paul Episcopal Church to discuss the possibility of a 140 unit apartment building. The building was recently approved to be developed.

“We’re getting together just to talk about the main issues. That we want to oppose it for,” Brad Munce said.

Munce is a self proclaimed united neighbor. He led the meeting and mentioned several health complications believed to be the result of exposure to Trichloroethylene (TCE).

“On my mind was the 31-year-old woman who was diagnosed recently with leukemia who lives near the plume site of Linbom,” Munce said.

Brighton residents looking on could also be heard voicing their disapproval for the company that’s supposed to be handling the construction.

“Every time they hire a different company. And these different companies don’t know anything about the city. They don’t live here. They don’t pay taxes and they don’t know anything here,” Munce said.

Other concerns were also traffic flow and what effect the new building may have on the families and neighborhoods already in the surrounding areas.

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