Federal judge strikes down parts of Michigan sex offender registry law

PORT HURON, Mich. – Those arguing Michigan’s sex offender registry is too vague and too strict celebrated a victory in court.

It’s part of a legal battle dating back to 2015. That’s when a judge in Port Huron ruled parts of the law were unconstitutional -- but no changes were made.

Last summer that same judge ordered the state to rewrite portions of the law, but still, no changes were made. The same judge issued a ruling striking down parts of the law and giving the state 60 days to find a solution.

“We have been workingon this issue for a decade and we finally see this ruling,” Miriam J. Aukerman with the American Civil Liberties Union said. “It’s a tremendous win for public safety, for all Michigan families, for all of us.”

The biggest change is that anyone on the registry before 2011 would be taken off. The federal judge said that registrants have been forced to comply with unconstitutional provisions of the act.

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