Detroit Water and Sewerage Department outlines new plan to improve financial assistance program

Plan would increase maximum amount someone can make before getting assistance

DETROIT – Proposed changes in the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department could help people pay their water bills. The proposal is making its way through the city, and after being approved Tuesday, will go to the Great Lakes Water Authority.

The plan would increase the maximum amount someone can make before getting assistance. That means many people using Detroit water could get some financial help.

In a city committee meeting Monday, the director of DWSD outlined a new plan that puts more money into a financial assistance pot. Officials want to raise the threshold from 150% to 200% off the poverty line, meaning someone earning $50,000 or less could be eligible.

It’s all part of the Water Residential Assistance program, which also can help pay for plumbing fixes. That’s currently capped at $1,000, but the new proposal is to raise it to $1,500.

DWSD supplies water to dozens of communities outside Detroit, so those customers would also receive the help.

The next step is for the DWSD to approve the changes and ask the Great Lakes Water Authority for the funding, which Local 4 is told has support. If all is approved, the changes would go into effect in July.

You can watch Nick Monacelli’s full story in the video posted above.

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