Business owner pleads guilty to tax evasion, conspiring to steal Detroit police reports

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WASHINGTON – A Michigan business owner pleaded guilty to tax evasion and conspiring to steal reports from the Detroit Police Department, according to officials.

Anthony Sereno co-owned and operated several businesses in Michigan, including USA Direct LLC (USA Direct). The company advertised on behalf of health care providers and solicited individuals for medical and personal injury legal services, according to officials.

In 2013, Sereno diverted funds from USA Director’s business account so he could use it personally and did not include the funds on his individual tax return. He also did not report more than $280,000 in income he received from USA Direct, officials said.

Sereno also directed funds from USA Direct’s business account to an intermediary, who used to money to buy Michigan traffic crash reports stolen from the Flint Police Department. From 2014 to 2017, Sereno conspired with Carol Almeranti and Karen Miller to get stolen police reports from the Detroit Police Department.

Almeranti and Miller previously pleaded guilty to conspiracy charges and are awaiting sentencing.

Sereno’s sentencing is scheduled for Aug. 18. He faces a maximum of five years in prison for each offense.

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