Donation boxes stolen from Kings Bakery in Dearborn after thief smashes window

DEARBORN, Mich. – A thief busted out the window of the Kings Bakery in Dearborn and stole two donation boxes.

The bakery has been a neighborhood staple for lunch and dinner for seven years. It has baked goods, but it also has pizza, sandwiches and a butcher shop.

A thief smashed in a window with a brick. Glass went everywhere and the donation boxes that were sitting on a ledge were stolen.

Co-owner Hassan Houssaiky discovered the scene at 5:30 in the morning on Wednesday.

“You’ve got an open store. Then you look and see the donation boxes are gone. First thing, it breaks your heart, this money wasn’t even for us,” Houssaiky said.

Dearborn police found the boxes, mostly empty, in a neighboring restaurant’s dumpster.

“One of them wasn’t broken so I had some change it it, probably a couple of dollars. I don’t know what was in it and he gave it back to me so I put it back on the counter,” Houssaiky said.

Houssaiky’s brother is beyond disappointed.

“It’s heartbreaking because a lot of people there are struggling, so people that are less fortunate are taking away from the less fortunate,” Ali Houssaiky said.

This isn’t the bakery’s first encounter with theft. In one incident the thieves came in, asked for an order and when the clerk went to go get something they stole cash.

The Dearborn police are investigating. The bakery expects to have a complete overhaul of the security system done.

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