Simple tips for helping your teen reduce their stress

Many teens experience unhealthy stress levels

DETROIT – The pressure to succeed can have a heavy impact on teens.

Young people are under a lot of stress that is well above levels considered to be healthy.

Dr. Daniel Bober, a psychiatrist, offered simple tips that can help lessen the anxiety and stress teens are experiencing.

Studies have shown that the stress hormone cortisol can jump as much as 15 percent before a test.

Bober said it is important parents focus on teaching their children to be flexible and how to have curiosity and resiliency. By focusing on these things rather than test scores and grades, parents can help reduce stress faced by their kids.

“By getting them involved in other things besides school, for example martial arts or learning an instrument, other things that they can use to develop and strengthen their ego and sense of self-esteem so that they will be able to tolerate the times when they don’t get the things they want and things don’t work out the way they want them to,” Bober said.

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