Clearing up confusion over travel restrictions amid coronavirus pandemic

Trump announces travel ban for 26 European countries

DETROIT – Local 4 is working to help sort out the confusion surrounding travel bans and restrictions linked to the coronavirus pandemic.

When President Donald Trump announced all travel from 26 European countries would be banned effective at 11:59 p.m. Friday, it took many people off guard.

The announcement is changing travel plans across the country. United States citizens are allowed to return to the country, but they’ll likely be under a quarantine, depending on where they were before coming home.

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Citizens of one of the mentioned countries will not be allowed into the U.S. The message was a bit confusing -- it’s not just for travelers, but also for some in the travel industry.

Many flights are being canceled, so returning from a hot zone could prove difficult. Some airlines are offering travelers the option to change their flights. Some are waiving fees, but others are not. Call the airline directly to learn what is being offered.

The same goes for hotels and resorts. Remember: Not all travel insurance is created equal.

To hear Hank Winchester’s full explanation of the travel restrictions, watch the video above.

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