Shoppers frustrated by empty grocery store shelves across Metro Detroit

Michigan governor closes all K-12 schools throughout state

DETROIT – Grocery items are flying off the shelves quicker than the stores can restock them.

The chaos at grocery stores increased as more coronavirus cases were confirmed this week.

Customers packed grocery stores early Saturday morning. Many lined up outside the Sam’s Club in Canton looking for essentials.

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer banned all public events of over 250 people statewide Friday. That forced a lot of people to stay inside this weekend.

“This is just overwhelming,” said Tina Orto.

She says the whole situation has been overwhelming and frustrating. She could not find anything at the grocery store.

“I stopped at the Gibraltar Kroger on my way home to get a few things. All the canned vegetables are completely gone, rice and beans are gone. The entire paper towel, toilet paper shelves are completely bare,” she said.

The scene at the Meijer on 8 Mile and Woodward was chaotic Saturday. There was no water or toilet paper there. A Kroger in Hazel Park was out of toilet paper with very little water left.

At Whole Foods in Midtown there was no meat and very little dry food products available.

“This is stressful,” said Adrianna Johnson.

Johnson says she is just simply trying to find the bare necessities.

“I’m just getting the essentials. Eggs. Bread, things like that. I have the toilet paper, the gloves,” said Johnson.

Whitmer also shut down all K-12 schools throughout the state to help stop the spread of the coronavirus.

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