The new normal: Michigan schools closed for weeks, many working from home

Schools closed through April 5

DETROIT – Monday is the beginning of what could be weeks of unprecedented changes in the state of Michigan.

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer announced Thursday night that all K-12 schools will close through April 5 as coronavirus spreads around the world.

Sunday night, 20 new cases of coronavirus were confirmed in Michigan. The total is now 53.

“I’m not panicked by any means,” said Courtney Mumbower. “But this is definitely unprecedented.”

Mumbower is one of millions of parents across the state who will be teaching their children who are home from school.

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“Nothing in my lifetime can I even relate this to. A couple of snowdays? Sure, but this feels surreal,” Mumbower said.

The family of four lives in Lincoln Park. Mumbower’s 4-year-old son William is enrolled in Head Start and 10-year-old Annabelle is in 5th grade.

Like many students, Annabelle’s schedule is handwritten and mimics a regular school day.

“I like to go to school cause I like to be educated,” said Annabelle Gregory. “It’s kind of boring not seeing my friends.”

Annabelle’s teacher has already integrated Google Classrooms and online work into their day. Mumbower said she has it set up so parents and students can easily communicate with her teacher about lessons and homework.

While some districts are still organizing resources, others have emailed families videos to help them get started.

The reason why families have started homeschooling isn’t lost on Michigan students.

“I’m thinking it’ll be over soon and want to make sure no one in my family gets hurt or infected,” Annabelle said.

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