Detroit shelter modifies operations to help those in need

The homeless community in Metro Detroit has been hit hard from the changes made to stop the spread of coronavirus.

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Many shelters aimed at helping the homeless population have been saddled with a difficult reality and have closed their facilities.

The Pope Francis Center isn’t letting that stop them from helping others and have modified their operations. The shelter is offering pre-boxed meals, wash stations and heated tents.

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In addition to food and warmth, the staff is taking peoples’ temperatures and checking for signs of COVID-19.

Father Tim McCabe said they are working alongside city officials to transport those affected to quarantine sites.

Unfortunately, as the future is uncertain, the amount of people in need of a free meal is likely going to grow, so the tents are expected to stay up.

“As people lose their jobs and their income, I anticipate a lot more people will come down,” McCabe said.

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For those who wish to help, the Pope Francis Center is unfortunately not accepting volunteers to continue social distancing.

If you’d like to donate to the Pope Francis Center, click here.

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