Michigan educators wrestle with teaching in meaningful way

DETROIT – Governor Gretchen Whitmer wants all hands on deck as State Government works to make important decisions that will affect school children, commerce and everything in between.

The state has been wrestling with amping up restrictions on human contact, or social distancing, and even the possibility of a stay-at-home order if the spread of COVID-19 doesn’t slow.

Educators are also struggling with how to educate children in a meaningful way that won’t delay students’ growth.

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A big issue is equitable learning. By law, there must be 180 instructional days and every child must have equal access to the same learning. Almost a week into the mandatory shut down of schools, school administrators admit they struggle to figure out ways to grant that access and to keep children learning in ways that count.

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Whitmer said the risk of keeping lawmakers in Lansing, bunched and huddled together in close spaces, far outweighs the immediate benefits at this time.

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