Oak Park company looking to hire full-time workers, maintain social-distancing

OAK PARK, Mich. – The job market changed almost overnight. Multiple businesses have been closed temporarily and many are without work.

Mike Voories, with Brilar Outdoor Maintenance, said it’s been hard for him to fill all the jobs he’s had to offer.

“We have had a tough labor market the last couple of years," Voories said. "It’s been really, really hard for us to find people.”

COVID-19 changed the job market in an instant.

More than 700 former-employees of Art Van thought they could work through the company’s bankruptcy and keep their benefits. Instead, they were suddenly fired Friday and the company blamed COVID-19.

That’s where Voories comes in. Brilar -- a big, outdoor maintenance company based in Oak Park -- has about 200 jobs to fill right now.

“With what’s going on with this crazy virus thing, bars, restaurants, factories not able to operate, it gave us the idea there are displaced workers out there and maybe some of them would want to give a different career path an opportunity, give it a chance,” Voories said.

Brilar is looking for full-time, permanent jobs with benefits that pay from $14 to $22 an hour.

Workers would be involved with irrigation, landscape construction and more -- Jobs that fit with social-distancing and have a low risk exposure to coronavirus.

Voories wants to put people to work who are open to a change in what they are used to doing.

“It’s outdoors, fresh air, sunshine most of the time," Voories said. "Unless they shut everything down, I think we are going to be safe -- the folks that work outdoors.”

If you’d like to apply, visit Brilar’s official website here.

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