Flat Rock woman who lost uncle to coronavirus empties bank account to buy gloves for medical workers

Jennifer Ruffner-Modi buys 47,000 medical gloves

FLAT ROCK, Mich. – A woman in Flat Rock who lost her uncle to the coronavirus (COVID-19) emptied her bank account to buy 47,000 medical gloves for hospital workers.

Jennifer Ruffner-Modi has 47,000 medical gloves in the back of her pickup truck. She is a home healthcare provider, and she said she emptied her bank account Tuesday to buy the gloves in her uncle’s memory.

“One pair of gloves could mean life or death for somebody on the front lines,” Ruffner-Modi said.

She is already getting the gloves on the hands of professionals fighting the coronavirus.

“I was in such a panic to get to these gloves,” Ruffner-Modi said.

She said she found the gloves on Facebook Marketplace and drove to Dearborn to buy them, hoping the post was real.

“I am a CPL carrier, so I got my guns and my money and prayed until I got all the way out there -- and it was (real),” Ruffner-Modi said.

She said the loss of her uncle, Eric Dubke, hit her family hard.

“Very unexpected for my family,” Ruffner-Modi said.

Ruffner-Modi called COVID-19 an invisible monster that we all have to fight. She said she’ll keep fighitng and honoring Dubke.

“I am in the line of fire getting people what they need, because I love people,” Ruffner-Modi said.

She has already been giving out cases of gloves to police officers and EMS officials in her area, and hospitals are next.

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