Pictures, stories of frontline and essential workers

Out braving this virus for our sake and their families’

Front lines workers: Molly M
Front lines workers: Molly M (WDIV)

Of course, those who cannot go without recognition are the ones directly caring for the increasing number of patients in hospitals and ERs, despite the risk. Molly M. is one of those brave people, an RN in Ann Arbor. Her mother submitted her to us saying, “she is so strong and so sweet, holding hands of those who are scared without their family members.”

Working on the front lines or are you an essential worker yourself? Thank you! Submit a photo HERE of you on the job and it could air on Local 4. We’ll also share your stories at clickondetroit.com/frontline.

More unexpected local heroes

Brennan L. works as a welder at Detroit Truck Manufacturing in Madison Heights building cabs for fire trucks. He and his fellow coworkers put in long hours to make sure product gets out on time every week, and the virus hasn’t slowed them down. Although they aren’t your typical “frontline” workers, they are supporting the firefighters who are. They also plan to begin making plastic face shields for health care workers battling COVID-19!

Brennan is just one of the many people going out to do all the things that still need doing, but that we may not even think about. Keep scrolling to check out more people deserving of appreciation for what they do!

Front lines workers - Brennan L
Front lines workers - Brennan L (WDIV)

While we’re turning on the tap and using all our other resources that we take for granted, let’s stop to thank the people who are out there making sure we don’t have to worry about getting those most basic and important services! Winston F. and Deniese D. are supervisors for the Detroit Water Department and are helping to provide water to us all like they always do, despite this crisis.

Front lines workers: Winston F. & Deniese D.
Front lines workers: Winston F. & Deniese D. (WDIV)

Andy M. is a FedEx Operations Manager in Ann Arbor. People like him are necessary to ensure the delivery of critical supplies. So many businesses, hospitals, and people would be without things they need if it weren’t for workers like Andy going in to work every day.

Front lines workers : Andy from FedEx
Front lines workers : Andy from FedEx (WDIV)

As you likely know, seniors are the demographic most affected by the Coronavirus, and especially need to keep safe. For those who have previous conditions, this is even more true. Luckily, we have people who care deeply about the elderly folk they serve, such as Senior Shuttle Plus and their staff who take seniors to dialysis appointments. “This is life or death for most seniors who go three days a week,” they told us, and now more than ever these seniors need to keep healthy.

Front lines workers: Senior shuttle
Front lines workers: Senior shuttle (WDIV)

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