Detroit Animal Control foster, adoption numbers up amid crisis

‘What better time to bring an animal in?’

DETROIT – Foster and adoption numbers are so high that Detroit Animal Care and Control is at the lowest occupancy it’s been at in years.

Violet went home with her new foster parent, who said it couldn’t be a better time to bring a pet into her life.

Brett Adams and his family agree -- they’re adopting too. It’s a good thing you don’t have to social distance from pets.

“I have another dog at home,” Adams said. “He’s in heaven. We have time to bring another dog in. Seems like a good opportunity.”

Mark Kumpf, the director of Detroit Animal Care, happily reports their shelter was housing 37 animals Friday when it typically has 200.

“What better time to bring an animal in than when you have a lot of time to spend with them?” Kumpf asked.

If you’re interested in fostering or adopting a pet, look online. Search the pets available and apply to foster or adopt -- the match happens virtually. Then, you come down to the shelter in person to pick up your pet, or you can call the Cuddle Shuttle.

Kumpf said it’s their version of a pet-Uber or Door Dash.

“That’s our delivery service,” Kumpf said.

In these uncertain times, there’s nothing quite like a pet to bring us comfort -- and it seems the feeling is mutual.

More information can be found on the Detroit Animal Care and Control’s official Facebook here.

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