Local restaurants bring fresh produce right to your car

Social Kitchen in Birmingham and others provide affordable, safe, high quality produce

Local restaurants do curbside produce pickup
Local restaurants do curbside produce pickup (WDIV)

At four local restaurants, you can get boxes of fruits and vegetables delivered right to your car. The produce in these boxes is restaurant quality and very affordable at only $10 each. We’ll tell you how to get yours!

They first started selling these boxes on March 26th, and they plan to keep the program going until restaurants are able to open back up for regular business.

A veggie box from Peas & Carrots
A veggie box from Peas & Carrots (WDIV)

Joe LaGrasso of LaGrasso produce and Rebecca Hardner wanted to find a way to get this healthy food to those who need it, and together they came up with this idea. “We wanted to do something that would help our community by offering products at a great cost, and also help us sell product in the process,” said Rebecca.

Dustin Ryan Walker, the general manager at Social Kitchen in Birmingham, is the “champion of the program” and helps keep the wheels turning daily.

You can also get eggs and bread at Social
You can also get eggs and bread at Social (WDIV)

How to get yours

There are veggie boxes and fruit boxes available at the following four restaurants, and at Social you can get fresh baked bread and eggs for $5.

Boxes are available between 11:30AM - 8:00PM, and must be ordered by calling the location.

Beau’s Grillery

(248) 562-6258

4108 W Maple Road

Como’s Restaurant

(248) 677-4439

22812 W Woodward Ave

Social Kitchen

(248) 594-4200

225 E Maple Road


(248) 723-0800

6675 Telegraph Road

Peas & Carrots Hospitality

“As a chef-owned and operated company, we never compromise our standards, using only the best ingredients. We are always refining our methods and strengths to create consistency with and high-quality foods. To do that, we have cultivated family-like partnerships with vendors and colleagues. During this crisis, we wanted to uphold that mission and work with one of our great, reputable vendors (Lagrasso) to provide the best possible product at the best possible price for everyone.”

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