‘It is completely false’: Doctors say 5G towers not cause of coronavirus pandemic

Theory circulating on social media

DETROIT – Doctors are agreeing that 5G towers have absolutely nothing to do with the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Despite that, a video has been shared thousands of times on Facebook showing a man on Detroit’s west side questioning workers because he believes 5G towers are to blame for the pandemic.

The belief has become popular on social media. Some YouTube videos falsely claim there is a link between COVID-19 and the super fast wireless technology.

Local 4′s Doctor Frank McGeorge can attest that the hypothesis doesn’t really make any sense.

“I’m not sure I’ll convince anyone who has bought into the completely implausible link between 5G and COVID-19, but there is no link. None. It is completely false,” McGeorge said.

Mobile operators said vandals set fires to their towers in the UK because of these theories.

“Far-fetched conspiracy theories like this are really damaging because they undermine public health efforts to stop the spread of the virus by convincing other people that it’s not the real problem,” McGeorge said.

Websites like Twitter have stepped up their filtering services in hopes of stopping the misinformation. It’s also unlawful to damage a cell tower of any kind.