Michigan families struggle to draw unemployment amid coronavirus pandemic

DETROIT – This is a really tough time for families all across the nation.

It’s impacting families in Michigan who have been laid off due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and are hoping to draw unemployment.

“It’s been a horrible horrible time to get through,” Ann Gojcaj said.

The outbreak has been tough mentally, spiritually, and financially on Gojcaj and her family

“It’s not good. It’s not good,” Gojcaj said.

Gojcaj worked as a manager at a Speedway, but was recently laid off because of the outbreak.

Since then, life has been full of nothing but uncertainty and getting unemployment benefits has been extremely hard to do.

She said she called the office hundreds of times looking for help, but to no avail -- likely because everyone in her position has the same idea.

“I called over 500 times. It’s virtually impossible to get through to get to anyone, to talk to a live person -- it’s absolutely impossible,” Gojcaj recalled.

Eventually, Gojcaj was able to apply for benefits but was told there would be a long waiting period for the results.

She’s hoping the state and governor can do something for the families who need help.

“This is the money that we need right now. All of us are in the same shoes. We’re calling we cannot get anything done because there aren’t enough people to help us out there,” Gojcaj concluded.

Statistics show that more people in Michigan have recently applied for unemployment than all of last year.

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Despite all of this, there are several companies that are hoping to help people through this rough crisis.

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