Evrod Cassimy: Here’s the plan for my kids this week

Evrod Cassimy
Evrod Cassimy (WDIV)

This week would have been my son’s Spring Break.

We were so excited for an upcoming trip but that’s in the rearview mirror now. I don’t know how we make up for my boys’ excitement.

Here’s what I do know: We’re going to try and do things that they enjoy. Less schoolwork this week, mainly because we’re out of assignments from his school anyway. More screen time including video games and TV shows. Yeah I know, I know, but they enjoy it. More time outside. We’ve been riding bikes as a family more and more and not only is it fun but it’s great exercise.

I’m also stealing ideas from you. During our Time 4 Us segment that I do every morning, some of YOU have gotten really creative in how you’re passing the time. We saw one family who camped out in the backyard. Another family set up a corn hole tournament in the front yard. Lastly, another family built forts in the house. All great ideas! I think it’s really important to depend on each other during this time. We’ve never had to go through this before but we can do it!

Here’s my parenting quarantine pro tip: Drive By Play Dates! What is that you might ask? Well, chances are you kids haven’t seen their friends in person for weeks. When you have to run an essential errand, take the long way home through some of your children’s friend’s neighborhood. Text the parent ahead of time and let them know you’ll be driving by their house for a quick wave and maybe even a conversation from the car while they’re on their front porch.

We’ve driven by several of my kid’s friend’s home and they were thrilled to see their friends in person after all this time. It’s a bit difficult to explain (again) that they can’t get out of the car, but the smile on their face, seeing their friends was worth it!

How are you getting through this “Spring Break” time? Submit your photos and videos on the Local 4 Facebook page here.


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