Legacy Services offering first responders disinfecting with antimicrobial technology

PONTIAC, Mich. – Disinfecting is one thing but what Jim Ales is offering to police and fire departments is disinfecting and the application of an antimicrobial layer, which stays in place for months before it needs reapplication.

“We’re putting down a coating to any surface. It can be textiles, chairs, countertops, phones -- pretty much anything and it leaves a barrier,” Ales said.

The antimicrobial product is Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved. Nobody was really interested in it -- until now.

Ales, whose dad was a Detroit police officer, offered up the products for free to police and fire departments. Most say it’s appropriate for them to pay for it.

His business, Legacy Services, has done multiple departments and was at the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office Friday. It was applied to high traffic areas.

He also has advice for people using Lysol and other sprays.

“Most people are just spraying and wiping,” he said. “You need to read the can. Most of them clearly say the product needs to sit for a certain period of time for it to be effective. And you need to use enough so it doesn’t dry in 30 seconds.”

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