How lessons from athletes can help everyone navigate coronavirus outbreak

Many people face feelings of frustration, fear

GROSSE POINTE, Mich. – If there’s one thing many people can probably all agree on is that nothing about the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has been easy.

These days many people’s lives are filled with frustration and fear. Those are things athletes are conditioned to confront and as it turns out they can help teach us a thing or two.

Dr. Jason Novetsky is a sports performance psychology coach. He works with young athletes like these talented sisters from Grosse Pointe.

Emi Zingas is a world class figure skater. Her sister Elana plays hockey at Cornell and was projected to win the national championship before the season abruptly ended.

Novetsky said athletes actually have an emotional advantage over the rest of us in dealing with the stress of our new reality. Athletes also understand what is generally our biggest emotional challenge and fear.

Novetsky said the answer is not to be negative in your outlook. But don’t be falsely positive either. Keep your thinking neutral.

We will get through this and young athletes and everyone else can resume chasing those dreams.

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