Birmingham’s Griffin Claw Brewing Co. buys back beer from distributors to make hand sanitizer

Kegs will be refilled with fresh beer

Michigan brewery pivots to turn alcohol into hand sanitizer
Michigan brewery pivots to turn alcohol into hand sanitizer (WDIV)

BIRMINGHAM, Mich. – Griffin Claw Brewing Co. shifted its operations to include the production of hand sanitizer a month ago.

Now, the Birmingham-based brewery is stepping up that production by using beer that will be getting old to make saniziter.

Griffin Claw is buying back kegs from distributors. The beer with be distilled into neutral grain spirits, which then can be turned into sanitizer.

When the coronavirus pandemic ends, the brewery will fill the kegs with fresh beer that can be purchased by the distributors.

Griffin Claw joined forces with Valentine Distilling Co. last month, after the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau relaxed regulations to allow beverage distillers to make denatured alcohol, a byproduct of the brewing process. Typically, a special permit is required to do so.

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The hand sanitizer has been donated to first responders and health care workers. Customers also receive a bottle of Clean Claws when they purchase curbside beer or food from Griffin Claw.

Griffin Claw Brewing Co. is making hand sanitizer during the coronavirus pandemic. (WDIV)