Detroit doctor plays key role in designing, testing face shield

DMC Dr. Erin Brennan helps create face shields

DETROIT – Nobody knows better than healthcare workers when it comes to the kind of personal protection equipment they need on the job. One doctor at the Detroit Medical Center can wear PPE she herself designed and tested.

Two DMC doctors and three Ford engineers spent a weekend in March designing face shields.

“It is incredible what people can do with a single focus,” Dr. Erin Brennan said.

Martin Delonis, a business design director at D-Ford’s Detroit lab, said the masks went “from question to prototype” in 72 hours.

It was all about troubleshooting. When the group realized elastic for the headband would be tough to source, they switched to door seal material, of which Ford has plenty.

Once they had a prototype, workers at the Ford plant in Warren quickly switched gears. Within days, Brennan had 1,200 face shields.

Delonis said he hasn’t fully grasped what they accomplished, calling it humbling and inspiring.

Ford, meanwhile, is producing 1 million face shields per week.

You can watch Priya Mann’s full story in the video posted above.

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