Single, underemployed mother struggles to make ends meet amid COVID-19 pandemic

Since the beginning of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak the road has been rough for Tiffany Blockett and her entire family.

“Things have been hard. I have not paid any bills,” Blockett said.

In March, Blockett’s hours working as an office manager were reduced to only three hours a day working remotely.

From then until now making ends meet have been hard for Blockett and her 11-year-old daughter -- a family already struggling to get past one tragedy.

“Her dad passed away a little over a year ago and it was already hard for me, and now this, it’s crazy,” Blockett said.

Because of her reduction in hours she hasn’t been able to draw unemployment and hasn’t received a stimulus check yet.

“I did apply for food benefits. Hopefully that will be coming in soon,” Blockett said.

Blockett hopes the near future will bring change. She’s one of many Michigan residents who applied for unemployment in the middle of the pandemic.

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“I’m just waiting patiently. Hopefully I’ll be on the list. So I’m just hoping to get back to work and just make my own money again,” Blockett said.