Lincoln Park announces closure of city parks due to virus threat

Residents gathering at parks, not following social distancing guidelines

A virus (WDIV)

LINCOLN PARK, Mich. – The City of Lincoln Park announced that as of Friday city parks are closed for use.

Mayor Tom Karnes ordered the closure which comes on the recommendation of the city’s emergency operations committee. The move is expected to help curb the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

While most neighboring cities have been experiencing a slower rise in new cases over the past week, Lincoln Park continues to show a steady increase in cases. As of April 30, the number of confirmed cases in Lincoln Park was 251.

Throughout the last six weeks the city has continued to receive complaints about residents gathering and not practicing social distancing in the parks.

“It is with a heavy heart that the city has to close our parks. But unfortunately, our experience with COVID-19 is different from our neighbors. While they are seeing their cases flatten out, ours are still growing, said Karnes.

The temporary closure of the parks is expected to end as the pandemic is brought under control.

The number of confirmed cases of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in Michigan has risen to 41,379 as of Friday morning, including 3,789 deaths, state officials report.