Metro Detroit COVID-19 survivor reunites with family for first time in 50 days

Anthony Moses flat-lined while battling coronavirus

MT. CLEMENS, Mich. – It had been nearly six weeks since Tiffany Moses had seen her husband Anthony Moses. She waited just outside the rehabilitation hospital in Mt. Clemens where Anthony had been relearning how to walk after being hospitalized for coronavirus (COVID-19).

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“I’m just thrilled that this day have finally come,” Moses said through her facemask, which has an image of a healthy Anthony Moses and his two young daughters printed on the outside. “It’s been a long time coming -- over 50 days, almost two months, since I last touched my husband.”

It’s been a long road back for 63-year-old Anthony Moses. He was the first COVID-19 patient to be sent to Beaumont Hospital in Farmington Hills on March 14. After that his case took a turn for the worst. He spent a month on a ventilator. His kidneys and lungs failed and at one point he flat-lined -- technically dying for a short period of time.

After spending so much time bedridden, Anthony Moses could barely walk. He was moved to a rehabilitation hospital, where on Monday, family, friends and those who took care of him waited anxiously to send him home.

Tiffany Moses said the past few weeks had been a test of her faith.

“I said, ‘Lord if you -- if he dies, how do you get glory?’ I say, ‘He can’t get any glory if he passes away,’” she said.

Tiffany Moses said her prayers were answered and after waiting just six weeks, one day, 14 hours and 30 long minutes; Anthony was wheeled into the lobby to cheers and tears of joy.

While he can stand and use a walker, Anthony Moses used a wheelchair on his way to the car. On the way out of the building and with tears in his eyes, Anthony Moses credits his faith for his recovery but also his wife who he saw tell his story on Local 4 last month.

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"That really got me over the fears has really gotten me to where I really want to carry on,” he said.

He also had a special message for those health care workers who saved his life.

“Everybody also said, ‘You’re a hero, you’re a hero.’ I said, ‘I’m no hero. You guys are the heroes,’” he said.

Anthony Moses still has a long road of recovery ahead of him but will be able to finish it with the support of his family and his wife. The two say they now consider themselves ministers of sorts and while Anthony Moses plans to return to his job in IT, Tiffany Moses said he is also thinking about becoming a preacher.

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