Garden City residents complain about smell from vacant house full of cats -- want something done

Officials collected the animals on Wednesday

Garden City residents want house full of cats cleaned up.

GARDEN CITY, Mich. – Residents in Garden City said an empty house full of cats has been a problem for years but the city hadn’t been doing anything about it.

They said there are at least two dozen cats living in that house -- and the smell, especially when it’s hot outside, can be unbearable.

Local 4 crews were there on Wednesday afternoon when police went to the house and broke down the front door. They started to collect the animals.

Videos show cats cramped on window sills, couches, tables and cages piled high with piles of feces and food on the floor.

Residents said the woman who owns the home doesn’t live there. She collects cats from local shelters and leaves them in the house. They said she stops by early in the morning to dump food and leave again.

Police said they plan to release more information on the situation on Thursday.