Hacked Facebook post draws anger at Southfield dermatology office

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. – Workers at a Southfield dermatology office suddenly saw the practice’s Facebook page blow up -- and it wasn’t pretty.

They then noticed somebody posted insensitive comments on their page and now they’ve got the police involved.

“Last Tuesday, I was in a room seeing patients and my phone was ringing quite a bit in my pocket. I came out of the room to find out our social media sites have been hacked and an offensive post had been posted,” said Dr. Emily Levin with Northwest Dermatology Group.

Levin is talking about the post on their Facebook page. It said, “We get it. We understand you people. Can we move on please? This is draining.”

Levin said someone hacked into their social media accounts and posted the message. It quickly went viral.

“So we are finding out it was a cyber attack. We didn’t have the proper security policies and procedures in place. We are deeply sorry, that we didn’t have those procedures in place," Levin said.

Levin said the office has filed a police report with the Southfield Police Department and the FBI.

“We were alerted it was a former employee and the federal and local employees are looking into it," Levin said.

But she said the damage is already done. Several clients have left and now they’re fighting back to clear their name.

“We have always stood for social justice and we’ll continue to show them that we stand for social justice in the community. We are sorry if we offended the community, our patients, our staff,” Levin said.

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