Novi schools reveal hybrid learning plan for fall

Parents struggle to decide if students should return to class or not

NOVI, Mich. – Katie Constantine said she’s facing the tough decision on if she should send her kids back to school or keep them at home.

“My youngest is going into third and my oldest is going to 5th,” Constantine said. “I’ve been going back and forth with a lot of people trying to figure out, what are we going to do? I still don’t know. Even after the board meeting last night, it’s still very up in the air. I’m worried about the virus obviously, my kids are worried about the virus.”

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The Novi School Board voted 4-3 Thursday night to approve its back to school plan.

Assistant Superintendent of Academic Services Dr. RJ Webber said the plan is to give parents two options, virtual learning at home or a hybrid learning plan in person.

“What that means is, right now, we’re looking like two days a week in school for students, with additional resources and additional learning opportunities on the days they’re not here.”

Local 4 asked Dr. Webber how the plan will work. Webber said they’re still figuring out the exact details but gave an example on how it could work, but again nothing is set in stone.

“So, in a hybrid model, what that would mean, lets say a student will be with their teacher Monday and Wednesday, half of the class Monday and Wednesday, the other half of the class Tuesday and Thursday. Friday would be a day for teacher collaboration and deep cleaning. We’re in a time where there’s no great option. We’re in a time where we have to give each other grace, and we have to understand the solutions that we’re coming up with are solutions that we would have never chosen March 12th.”

Dr. Webber said they will practice all safety protocols and social distancing. Everyone will wear a mask.

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