Parents face difficult choices ahead of start to the school year

Parents decide to keep children at home, or send them to class

DETROIT – As the start of the school year approaches, many parents are left to make a bunch of important decisions. Will their child go with remote, or in-person learning? For some parents, the school has made that decision for them.

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Last weekend there was a a protest in Grosse Pointe from parents who said keeping schools closed to start the year hurts their children. But there are many parents who are fearful of what a classroom environment will be.

One father said his daughter is thriving with her studies being completely virtual because she has control over how and when to learn.

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Rachel Kinney is a teacher with Michigan Virtual Charter Academy, a fully online school, and she said virtual learning offers the best of both worlds.

However, one big challenge is that not all children have the same access to education and the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has made that much worse.

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