Metro Detroit weather: Enjoying slightly below normal temperatures

Temperatures in the middle 80s by Thursday

DETROIT – While the western U.S. bakes, we’re enjoying slightly below normal temperatures. And if you didn’t get any rain during Sunday’s soaking, you’re going to have to wait a while for another shot.

Tolerable Temps

Daytime highs ran close to normal on Monday. Tuesday, we’ll take a dip lower with highs in the mid 70s. Even though the humidity isn’t bad to start the week, the air will get even drier tomorrow and stay that way until the weekend (stop me if you’ve heard this story before). Temperatures will slowly move above normal, even before the humidity returns. We’ll be in the mid 80s in spots by Thursday. However, the warmest number in the 10 Day Forecast is 87, so we won’t be sweltering by any stretch. That’s unlike the southwest where historic heat is leading to rolling blackouts and even fire tornadoes! Government forecasters are trying to verify the 130 degree high in Death Valley on Sunday. That’s unofficially the hottest temperature recorded anywhere on the planet in nearly 90 years!

Another Dry Week

There were a lot of spots that didn’t get any rainfall Sunday, while many other locations got more than an inch. Sanilac and St. Clair county got the highest totals with widespread radar estimates over 2 inches. Anything that lingers around Monday evening will be quick and not amount to much. Then we’ll have to wait until the weekend for our next chance. There’s a lot of sunshine between now and then.

Tropical Activity

We’ve had two named storms in the Atlantic since late last week. Josephine, ran out of gas north of Puerto Rico (not in Gurnee, Cousin Eddie). And Kyle formed off the Atlantic coast and moved east before giving up the ghost. There are two more areas we’re watching for development. Both have pretty slim shots of organization. But if they get it together, Laura is the next name on the list.


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