Novi police officers hand out gift cards instead of tickets for minor infractions during holiday season

Many impacted by COVID-19 pandemic

NOVI, Mich. – One of the things becoming a holiday tradition is police departments finding ways to give back during the holiday season. One example, is officers looking the other way for minor infractions and handing out gift cards instead of tickets.

Novi police officers Adam McGee, Samantha Grockau, and John Corder have been doing things a little different lately. As long as the infraction is minor, when they pull people over, instead of a ticket they get a $30 gift card. The traffic stop still needs to be for a legitimate reason.

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The officers said that most people get nervous and when they find out they’re getting a gift card, they smile. one of those huge smiles came after tears from a mother officer McGee pulled over. She had been out of work and impacted by COVID-19.

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