Morning Briefing July 14, 2021: Woman badly injured in Livonia freeway crash, report says 600K may have to repay Michigan unemployment benefits

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Woman badly injured after speeding car goes into I-275 median, up embankment, rolls over

A woman was seriously injured overnight when the car she was in ran off I-275 into the median near Eight Mile Road, went up the embankment and rolled over, police said.

Officials said the driver -- it’s not clear if the woman or a man in the car was driving -- lost control at a high speed and ran off the freeway into the median.

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Report: 648,000 may have to repay Michigan unemployment benefits

More than 600,000 Michigan residents may not have had the unemployment eligibility they thought they did during the pandemic.

A new report says state officials have to reevaluate jobless claims filed by 690,092 Michigan residents that didn’t meet federal standards. A majority of them will now have to use different criteria to confirm their jobless status.

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How drinking coffee impacts your health

Michigan Gov. Whitmer signs marijuana legislation regulating delta-8 THC products

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed legislation on Tuesday regulating the derivative delta-8 THC, which is currently sold -- untested and unregulated -- in convenience stores, gas stations and smoke shops in Michigan.

According to the Governor’s Office, the products will be regulated by the Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA) beginning Oct. 11. The products were available for sale to people of all ages by businesses that cannot currently sell licensed adult-use or medical marijuana products.

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Senate Democrats’ $3.5T budget deal backs up Biden’s goals

Senate Democrats say they have reached a budget agreement that envisions spending an enormous $3.5 trillion over the coming decade, paving the way for their drive to pour federal resources into climate change, health care and family service programs sought by President Joe Biden.

The accord announced Tuesday night marks a major step in the party’s push to meet Biden’s goal of bolstering an economy that was ravaged by the coronavirus pandemic and setting it on course for long-term growth. It includes a Medicare expansion of vision, hearing and dental benefits for older Americans, a goal of progressives.

But Democrats behind the agreement face possible objections from rival moderate and progressive factions and will have to work hard to convert their plans into legislation they can push through the closely divided Congress over what could be unanimous Republican opposition.

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🦠 Much is still unknown about COVID ‘long haul’ symptoms

Weather: Mostly dry Wednesday before more storms

Here is the weather forecast for Metro Detroit.

COVID in Michigan 💉

The number of confirmed cases of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in Michigan has risen to 896,717 as of Tuesday, including 19,832 deaths, state officials report.

Tuesday’s update includes a total of 650 new cases and 31 additional deaths (27 from a vital records review) over a four-day period -- an average of 162.5 cases per day. On Friday, the state announced a total of 896,067 cases and 19,801 deaths.

The state now only reports COVID data on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Testing has been steady around 20,000 diagnostic tests reported per day on average, with the 7-day positive rate just below 2% as of Tuesday, near the lowest on record, but an increase over the last two weeks. Hospitalizations have declined over the last several weeks, now near the lowest point since the start of the pandemic.

The state’s 7-day moving average for daily cases was 189 on Tuesday. The 7-day death average was 8 on Tuesday. The state’s fatality rate is 2.2%. The state also reports “active cases,” which were listed at 8,400 on Friday.

Michigan has reported more than 9.1 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine administered as of Tuesday, with 62.4% of 16+ residents having received at least one dose while 54.8% of 16+ residents are considered fully vaccinated.

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